Nila, laughing her head off.


2 thoughts on “Nila, laughing her head off.

  1. Aren’t you glad you got this on film? There is nothing as happy like a small child’s laugh…Wait until she’s about 3 and gets the giggles. That is a very distinctive laugh.

    Now that Nila has passed her first birthday, do you notice how time is flying by so fast?

  2. This reminds me of when we recorded Joe laughing and when he heard the tape, it made him laugh even harder and him laughing. It’s something I will never forget. Brian and Joe do the same thing even now. Her giggle is just so cute, she just couldn’t stop! Oh this one was definately a Kodak moment. Thank you guys so much for getting it on tape and posting it. I’m keep playing it over and over and I’m sitting here laughing my butt off! She’s just so stinking cute!!!!!

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