Five Things To Post About

I remembered today that I have a blog.

1. I finished my first class at Franklin Univ. this week. It was an introductory course designed to help students understand Franklin values, the value of teamwork, and how to properly write a research paper. Before our team presentation, I had a 94%. As it is, I’m barely hanging on to a 90% with one paper still to be graded. I was sorely disappointed in our team presentation. This week, I start my next course, Global Issues, which is just what it sounds like.

2. Nila has entered the land of Toddlerhood. Check out her blog for recent videos and photos. If you haven’t seen her lately, those videos will make you giggle. She walks now more than she crawls and loves to talk (read: babble) on one of her three cell phones.

3. Pray for Robert. He had an exciting interview last week (which I think he doesn’t want to share the details of yet), but it’s the sort of job that actually MEANS something to people. It would be great.

4. I have been trying to wrangle up more website design business, and somehow it’s working. Over the past two weeks, I completed a site for a local babysitting service (it was a bear, but it’s basically done at this point).

And, then one day about two weeks ago, I recieved a phone call, from “Kevin, the president of a local non-profit, and our site needs some work.” Turns out, Kevin and his non-profit are a major Crime fighting organization. Yeah. I don’t know how I lucked into this one, but I’m getting to redesign the Central Ohio Crime organizations website. I’m so excited. I will post a link here once it’s more complete. From that client, I’ve also been asked to redo a missing adults website, too, and Kevin’s personal company site.

5. My mom is out of the hospital. Thanks to everyone who asked about her. You should pop over to her blog ( and say hi. I was worried sick about her, to be honest. Can you believe right in the middle of her being as sick as she was – a HURRICANE directly hit her city?

3 thoughts on “Five Things To Post About

  1. Sounds like ‘Happy’ is making his way to you too! I have a nurse that stops by twice a week now and an aide stops by too, to check on me and she said they were talking about the “Happy” blog at the hospital. I believe that good things are going to happen to you guys. In fact, I KNOW it!!!
    But please add to your prayers the people in Galveston, TX that got hit hard by the hurricane. They are in dire need of everyone’s prayers and help.

  2. Thanks for the update! I’ve been wondering about you. I’ll be praying for Robert and the job possibility; I do understand that, since Paul has been in the “new job transition” himself the past couple of weeks.

    Kudos on the web work! I’d love to get into that. And on the classes, too. You’re Super Woman!

  3. Okay, I’ll claim her. After all, she is MY daughter. The most beautiful, wonderful,kindest, loving, smartest person in the whole wide world! Did I leave any adjetives out? She really is terrific isn’t she?!
    I know it’s suppose to be all about Nila now, but Angie is my baby forever. You’re doing great, kiddo!
    But please keep us updated on Robert too. Sounds like he’s doing pretty good too!!!

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