09.05 | Mom

My mom is in the hospital everyone, so if you will, please pray for her. She has a rare autoimmune disease that has been pretty bad lately, and then on top of that, she has pneumonia. She went to have a bone biopsy done earlier this week, and while recovering from that, spiked a fever of 104. After a quick trip to the ER, she was admitted last night and they told her then that she has pneumonia and her white blood cell count is really low (a result of the strange disease she says).

So seriously, pick up some extra prayer minutes for my mom tonight. I can’t imagine how scared and confused she must be right now.


3 thoughts on “09.05 | Mom

  1. Actually my white blood count was 30,000 which was really high. And they found out that I have two different types of pneumonia in both lungs. I got out of the hospital Monday because Medicare found out that the antibotics I was getting through an IV could be given by pill form and I could do the breathing treatments at home. So even though my doctor tried her best to keep me in for another 10 days, Medicare said no, and sent me home in critical condition. So I’m not out of woods yet. And just for giggles, let’s add a hurricane coming Friday. I have to stay and ride it out because I am too weak to try to evacuate. So I’ve got everything that I need to last at least a few days or a week. I mean I have 5 or 6 flashlights with new batteries, lots of water, canned type food. I figure if it gets too bad Comet and I will climb on the kitchen table and read a book. LOL
    She doesn’t care, she can sleep anywhere.
    But thank you for you prayers, I oould feel them, I mean actually feel them. So I know that it’s going to be okay. After all, I have “Happy” to spread around the world. And I’m not leaving until I get on Good Morning America so that everyone can meet “Happy”

    By the way….Vote for “Happy” 08′

  2. I’m sorry to tur.., ahem, higher-ups at Medicare deemed you “well” enough to send home. In critical condition, even. And I’m very concerned that you have to ride out the storm. Do you have friends or neighbors close by that you could hunker down during the storm with? Is anyone near enough to come check in on you?

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