08.29 | Captain’s Log

I haven’t done anything with Le Petit Belle yet, in case you’re wondering. I need to call her…

As you know, Nila’s birthday is this weekend. She has recieved her first present – Devan got her a board with cutout shapes and handles (terrible description, I know). She loves it. She mostly thinks it’s a chew toy and cymbal. I bought her a little dress last week, pictures forthcoming after the party.

I wanted a nice cake for her birthday (not for her, for us), so I’m creating a site for a local baker in exchange for both a cake for Nila and us. And, I wanted to provide some sort of food for our guests (but you know, money is T.I.G.H.T… so I found a caterer to barter with! I redesigned his site, and he is giving us chicken wings, beef BBQ, mac-n-cheese and beans in exchange for it. Last night I talked to him on the phone, and he is so happy with his site that he said he would be happy to give me ANOTHER event down the road, for free. Cool! Maybe we use that for a fundraiser for Brothers Together somehow.

I finished the site updates for the company here in Grandview. It was nice to be able to do that so quickly and make a little money from it. They have some more work to do soon, so good for me.

If you can’t tell, I’m trying to get some side gigs doing sites. The thing about these sites though, is that they’re really simply wordpress blogs (most of them), but for a small business owner who needs to update their site themselves, it is a very handy application!

School went well the first week. So far I have an A. But let’s be real, all I had to do was send a few emails and post to a message board to earn that A. Not rocket science. I have a 300-400 page paper due next week on plagarism. Also not rocket science, I suppose. At least, that’s what Bob keeps telling me.

Fall here in Grandview is really nice. (You might be thinking that it’s still summer, but the weather is quite fallish now). I’ve had to sweep the porch twice to get the leaves off. We take a walk about every day, every other day around the neighborhood with Nila. She gets really excited when we appear to be going outside – clapping and all that jazz.

Oh, and she’s walking now. Now 24/7, but from here to there all on her own.

Ok. I have to go back to bed. Not in Kansas is dying…I’ll try to keep posting but I’m tired….


5 thoughts on “08.29 | Captain’s Log

  1. YAY ANGIE!! Ummm…..after the conversation I had with your husband the other day about plagarism….I don’t know that I would trust him….he’s okay with it!! I’m glad things with school are working out and let me know, if you ever need “someone” to watch Nila for you….now that she’s walking it could get become difficult to work and and finish school things hint…..hint…….

  2. I’m excited for you about the gigs and have been curious how you’re doing them… which applications you’re using and all. I’m working towards finding things I can do at home.

    I can’t wait to see photos of Nila and her first birthday. And WAY TO GO on scoring a cake AND catering for her party. You rock, Mommy Angie. 🙂

  3. I’m getting better. I know that Nila’s birthday is in 2 more days!!!!
    I even have the alarm set on my cell phone at 9:00 am to go off. I have her ecard marked to be sent on Sept 1, 2008. I’ve already mailed the card and gift certificate. That’s the best I can do for getting it past August!!! I want it to hurry up!! I want to see the pictures.

  4. You know,it’s actually harder to keep an essay down to only 300-400 words. I have to write something over and over to keep it under 500!

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