08.24 | Worst Mother Ever.

So maybe I just showed myself to be a complete idiot and the worst mother ever! Ha!

I was bringing Bob the pitcher of cold water from the fridge to refill his glass. Nila was standing at the baby gate to the kitchen, and I put the pitcher over her head so she would look at it and joked, “Nila! Mommy is going to pour water on your head!!”

Then I did.

Right in her eye. It was obviously an accident – I didn’t realize the water was so close to the edge of the spout. She looked at me like, “I don’t know whether to cry or punch you. You can’t really be that stupid!”

Good times.

3 thoughts on “08.24 | Worst Mother Ever.

  1. Well, at least you didn’t shove her face into the arm of the sofa!! Water and sofa all in one day….someone call children’s services!!!

  2. You’ve protected her through forest fires, flashfloods, roadslides,earthquakes,war zones, no water, no electricity, having seizures,no money, and you’re worried about a little drop of water in the eye. You’re raising a child that can take it. You should get the award of the year for being THE mom!
    Submitted by
    Your Mom

  3. Worst Mother Ever? How could you put your name anywhere near those words?

    Accidents happen. I was walking with Abbie on my hip and somehow lost my balance and hit her head on the door facing. Any one of us has been there. Please don’t beat yourself up over it.

    I second what your Mom said.

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