08.06 | There is nothing to see here.

Just for the record, I did NOT eat the entire package of Oreos tonight. Yeah, that’s right, good for me.

Last week we moved into what I suppose is our first official abode together (though we’ve lived in my townhouse and our house in Iraq together, obviously). But this is the first one we picked out together. Key features: 2 bdrm, 1 bath, wood burning fireplace, small outdoor patio, greenhouse window, partially finished basement. And, best of all, it’s in Grandview-from my window I can see Kroger, it’s less than a five minute walk. Within a mile – a movie theater, Jeni’s and a bookstore. I have yet to walk to these other places, but I can and will when it’s not so hot out (it’s not good for the BeBe).

In said townhouse, Nila has her own room. And, she’s been sleeping much better since we’ve been here. Last night, she only woke up at 2AM and 4:30AM. Not bad considering at our old place she was waking every hour and a half.

Her first birthday is coming up soon (Sept 1, though we’re celebrating Aug. 31 since it’s a Sunday). We’re not really doing anything outstanding – because she won’t remember it and let’s face it, all anyone wants is a picture of her with cake smashed all over her face. I hate that for some reason – I’m trying to find a way around it but I’m told it’s some sort of baby tradition.

I applied for a job tonight as a newsletter editor for a new kids’ website here in C’bus. Fingers crossed.

I start school on Aug. 18, though I have homework due before that (mostly proving that I’m not an idiot and can use the campus email program and navigate my way around the online courses).

Our second wedding anniversary is in 47 days. Woo hoo! I’m trying to win tickets to Celine Dion or the Lion King. Celine is playing in Columbus ON our anniversary and I pretty much think that would be dope to see her that night.


3 thoughts on “08.06 | There is nothing to see here.

  1. Hey Angie,
    Do you have any experience with designing themes for Drupal-based web sites? I’m developing a web site for a friend of mine and I have chosen to go with Drupal to manage the content. As I have been mapping out the scope of this project, I realized that I would either:
    1. Acquire a pre-built template and customize it; or
    2. Do everything myself (if I’m not happy with the pre-built templates available to me); or
    3. Outsource it (if I can’t seem to figure out what I’m doing with the Drupal Theme API).

    I haven’t gotten to the first item on the list yet, so I obviously haven’t made up my mind about outsourcing. Anyway, let me know if you have experience with Drupal themes, or if you’re really hungry to learn.

    P.S. FYI, my friend is paying me to develop her company web site, so this wouldn’t be volunteer work.

  2. Angie, glad to hear that you’re getting settled in and that where you’re living is yours, in all the ways you described.

    You’ll be celebrating on Abbie’s actual birthday!!! We won’t have a family party until September 6, but we’ll have something with just the 4 of us. I’m not sure that Nila -has- to be covered in cake. I don’t like that, either, and lucked out because Hannah never has really liked cake all that much. If it’s the sugar you’re concerned about, you could probably find recipes for alternatives. If it’s the mess… maybe she won’t be interested? Haha, yeah right (not sure about you, but that will apply to Abbie).

    Good luck on all fronts: possible new job (LUCKY! I’m a tad jealous), school and getting tickets for your anniversary. Hard to believe it’s been just two years… for some reason, it seems you’ve been married longer than that.

  3. But, but I thought her birthday was Sept 1 in August! You know, the whole month that I missed.
    It’s exciting that you have your very own place! For real!!! It’s just your’s alone. You don’t have to share it with 8 other people. I’

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