08.01 | Failure to Thrive

You all know that Nila is a small baby. Born 5lbs – and we were excited at the ER last week to see her tipping the scales at 15/16 pounds. She is 11 months today, btw. Today we took her to the pediatrician to have her stitches removed and get her vaccinations caught up. She weighed in at 15.5lbs.

I asked the doctor if her weight is a concern, fully expecting to hear “No,” honestly. She has been growing well up to this point – tripling her birthweight. But he didn’t say “No.” He said that she has continued to grow in length, but has leveled off in weight, and that is an issue. If she hadn’t leveled off in weight but continued to grow proportionally, it would be fine, even if she IS small.

He did a quick physical exam to check for obvious things that can cause poor weight gain (heart murmur, enlarged organs and glands, etc…) and Nila seemed fine. So he suggested that we supplement her diet with two bottles of Pediasure a day. He suspects that the drop in weight is simply because of a drop in my own milk supply, as solid foods at this age are really just “dessert,” and not meant for much of a baby’s nutritional/caloric needs (his words). He also said that her insurance should cover these costs, so we dropped off the prescription at Giant Eagle. As we were dropping it off, I noticed that the prescription had “failure to thrive” written on it. (sigh). The pharmacy said that we need prior authorization but that it will take three days to get it, so we went home, walked to Kroger and picked up a few bottles of the strawberry flavor. We’ll see how she likes it – she drank about a fourth of a bottle tonight with dinner, but towards the end of dinner was dribbling it out of her cute little mouth – a clear sign that she is bored with whatever is in her mouth.

I know that in the grand scheme of things that can be wrong with a baby, this is NOTHING. And anyone who has met Nila KNOWS that she is NOT failing to thrive! 🙂 It’s just a little bump in the road – but I want to figure it out as soon as we can. I don’t want her to be HUNGRY, or to need nutrients that she is not getting, and I don’t want her to need to live on Pediasure for the next several years either!

And yes, fyi, she did scream her pretty little head off when the stitches were removed – not because they hurt but because we were holding her still. Those cries were nothing, though, compared to the ones when she got her shots right after! She wailed like a wildabeast and then went to sleep. Too much drama for one day, I suppose.

6 thoughts on “08.01 | Failure to Thrive

  1. Have you tried feeding her cereal? I know that the book says not to feed her that, but millions of babies in this world have been eating cereal or solid baby food by now. just dilute it a little in some of your brest milk since you can’t feed her anyway right now and try it.
    Did you have a birthday party for her in between moving?

  2. I don’t know what to say. Maybe she has a high metabolism. I don’t know. When does the doctor want to see her again?

    So did you have a birthday party for her in between moving?

  3. I’m sorry that your heart ached with reading the diagnosis. It’s hard to see/absorb/accept that there might be an issue with your child or that your child is in any way, labeled with something. I do understand that. Even though this may not be as bad as all things that -can- go wrong with a child, this might not be a major thing, but it’s not nothing, either. So, it’s ok to feel or think whatever you might be… it’s all part of the process of getting over the bump in the road.

    I know you’ll keep digging until you find out “why” she isn’t gaining weight. Maybe it’s a dietary thing or metabolic thing. Were you or Robert smaller as babies or children? If you were, maybe that’s it.

    I’m pretty surprised what he said about baby foods. While I agree that breastmilk is completely best until 1 year of age, I think that transitioning by age 1 is important, too. Yes, I know -everyone- has an opinion about this and you might have been inundated with various opinions, so I’m sorry to put my 2 cents in. But I’d like to share a couple of Well Child Teaching Sheets our pediatrician gives us at our check-ups: http://www.babymd.net/6_month_check_up.htm , http://www.babymd.net/9_month_check_up.htm , and http://www.babymd.net/12_month_check_up.htm .

    Sorry to be so long-winded… just trying to encourage and help.

  4. I think I remember there is period of a few months that babies don’t gain wait as quickly as in the past. Sometime around 14 months they start gaining weight again. Other mothers on here, do you remember this, too? I think it’s just their body getting ready to eat more solid foods.

    I remember when Stacey was about 11 months old and I noticed something about her feet turning inward. So I took her to the ped. and then to a pediatric foot specialist. She had to wear some shoes when she slept. They were leather with no toes so allow for growth. There was a screw hole in the bottom of the sole where we were supposed to screw in a bar from one shoe to another so it would hold her feet straight and away from each other. Sort of like this (.=======) I cried over this because I thought it meant she would have to wear braces on her legs. This bar didn’t stop her from crawling or movng around or learning how to walk. It just gave her the cutest butt wiggle you could imagine. For six months she wore this brace (called a last shoe). We got over it and so did she and grew up just fine. When this is all over it will become a memory in the past. But in the mean time, just go ahead and worry as much as you want to. Mother’s instinct will help you. She will be fine.

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