07.31 | MOVING DAY

Hi everyone,

We’re moving today, so if you’ve emailed us or posted to us today, we most likely won’t be able to respond. And it may be a few days before we get internet at our new place, so hang in there! We’ll be back soon!




2 thoughts on “07.31 | MOVING DAY

  1. I’m sorry to disappoint you Angela, but we are having one of your favorite events here tonight and tomorrow. We’re having a tropical storm/slash maybe a baby hurricane by tomorrow with winds of 70=75 mph. It’s gonna be pretty cool. Right here in Texas City! Betcha Houston gets wet! Sorry you won’t be here to see it,but I’m sure that you’ll be watching it on TV. I wish that I had batteries in my camera to send you some pics or videos so you could hear the thunder. You’d love it!! Talk to you soon

  2. Oh shoot! It missed us! All we’re going to get is a little rain and stupid Houston will get their normal stupid drivers driving in 10 feet of rain water. Never trust the weather station.

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