IKEA Bed – ignore this

Here are some pictures my husband just took. There are a few pictures of the bent bracket, of the headboard, the sides (so you can see about how far off the ground it sits, though my husband says if you wanted it to sit directly on the floor, you can do that – just don’t install the legs), of the slats from the top and side…It seems to me that the bracket is bent only slightly – I couldn’t tell where it was until he showed me the leg – it is adjusted because of the bent bracket, bending inward only slightly, and the bent bracket chipped the board a bit. My husband and I both sleep on the bed – without a problem… If it were a problem, I honestly wouldn’t be selling the bed, I’d just give it away.  

If you’re interested, please let me know. We are moving this week and would like to make arrangements to either keep the bed where it is or move it with us. Thanks!


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