07.30 | Craigslist gig

So this week, Bob and I are moving into our own apartment in Grandview. I know, surprise. Some of you think that we’re going to California. If you’re one of our supporters, you’ll get an email tonight explaining this…but until then…

We need help moving – a person to help and a truck, but they’re sort of expensive, you know? So I emailed a bunch of movers on Craigslist and asked if any of them would be willing to barter a move for a website and one of them said yes! One of their movers is coming tommorow at 4PM to take us to our new place.

And this also meant clearing out some of our accumulated stuff/junk again. Mostly, Bob has done it, but I tried to sell some of Nila’s old clothes (with no luck), so today Bob took a great big bag to the Salvation Army. It’s hard to believe that she has outgrown anything, she is still small (16 pounds). Her first birthday is in a month and a few days, and she is still wearing some 6 months clothes!

Ok, boring post I know, but I can only write so much while I’m watching Nila because she tries

see s hes cryig


3 thoughts on “07.30 | Craigslist gig

  1. What STUFF could you possibly have to givr sway? You gave it sll away before you left. My gosh, are you trying to get everything down to where you can just stuff everything in the car to move?

  2. It’s so easy to accumulate stuff. I was mostly finished with the garage project at the end of June, and it seems that in no time, we’ve put MORE stuff out there. Where does it all come from???

    You always find cool stuff/opportunities on Craigslist. I never do. Maybe it’s because my city is drastically smaller than yours?

    Good luck with the move! Let us know when you’re settled in.

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