07.25 | Nila got a boo boo

I was in the shower this afternoon and when I got out, I heard Nila crying. REALLY crying. I mean REALLY REALLY crying. I was hurrying to dry off and get dressed when Bob came in and said, “Come on. We have to go.”

He was holding a very bloody Nila. There is a side table in our apartment that Nila is learning to grab onto, and lately, she has been learning to pull herself UP on it – almost like a monkey hanging on it.  She grabbed onto it, and pulled it down onto herself, falling onto the linoleum with the table on top. The table hit her nose and cut it open on the bridge. As you know, the nose bleeds alot!

So we went to the ER, and left with Nila getting five stitches and MAYBE a broken nose. The doc said that probably she broke her nose but because she’s so little, he can’t be sure.

Oh drama.

One thought on “07.25 | Nila got a boo boo

  1. Poor little Nila, her first BooBoo was a biggie. Luckily, she won’t remember a thing, but man, Mama and Daddy will. There no other pain in the world like when your child gets hurt and you can’t do anything to help them. It hurts the parents so much. You would do anything to take the pain away. Thank God kids have softer bones and are fast healers. Best of luck in the healing process.

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