07.24 | Nila’s First Birthday

cupcake pan
cupcake pan
gift box from CakeJournal.com
gift box from CakeJournal.com


whimiscal cake
whimiscal cake
dollhouse bookcase
dollhouse bookcase


I’ve been thinking about Nila’s first birthday…


3 thoughts on “07.24 | Nila’s First Birthday

  1. OOOOoooooh…. where did you find this cupcake pan? The theme for Abbie’s party will be cupcakes…. the party supplies I found were at http://www.birthdayexpress.com. I usually get decorations the get the plates in coordinating colors at the Dollar Store.

    Have you seen the Rare Editions birthday dresses? Go to Amazon.com and type in “Rare Editions birthday dress.” To. Die. For.

    (I’ve always wanted to do a whimsical/Mad Hatter Cake)

    If you’re into baking the cake yourself, check out Wilton’s website. If you dare. 🙂

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