07.17 | Thought today was Monday.

I’ve somehow lost a few days somehow. I woke up this morning with a fever (102.9), and so I went to bed, covered by no less than six blankets, a long sleeved tshirt and sweats. When I woke up later in the day, it had gone up to 103.something. Then when I woke up this evening, walked into the kitchen, took my temp and told Bob, “I have a high fever.” He said, “How high?” “Um… 105.6.” Bob said, “NO! You’d be dead.” So had him come and take my temp to see for himself. 104-106 each time he took it, depending on how far he pushed the thermometer down my ear. So, he believed me and we went back to the Little Clinic. The Nurse there gave me new medicine. But I can’t breastfeed NIla on it, so we’re in for about 15 days of putting formula in her cup. This should be fun.

Tomorrow, we’re going to Franklin to meet with my enrollment counselor. We also have another appointment tomorrow evening, and maybe I’ll tell you about tomorrow.

Today I had a dream that Kelly Rippa was wearing a back brace and couldn’t walk over the baby gate at church, so I had to lift her up over it. But when I did, I bent her back a little and she got bad. I mean mad.


One thought on “07.17 | Thought today was Monday.

  1. Angela,
    A fever that high, you need to go to the emergency room. The little clinic is fine for the common cold, but there can be a lot of different reasons why you are running a fever that high. I mean did the doctor do a culture to see if your ear infection was even bacterial? Probably not. YOU NEED TO GO TO THE ER!! Listen, I know that you are worried about the money or whatever, but there are blood test that need to be run and different test that need to be done to determine what is causing a fever that high. You’re frying!!
    Please Angie, Robert, please I’m begging you to take her to the Emergency Room. I’m her mother and I normally wouldn’t freak out over a fever, I seldom took her to the doctor when she was young, but a fever of 106 can cause brain damage. What kind of medicine did they put her on this time? They don’t even know IF it IS an ear infection causing this. PLEASE,I BEGGING YOU, PLEASE GET TO THE ER

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