07.14 | Obligatory post.

I’m writing so if anyone is still reading they don’t think I died. Things are pretty stale around here. Mostly I’m trying to eat well, take care of Nila and the house, read more, and maybe find a job. Nila has been crazy lately, so we’re trying what we can to help her learn to sleep better. Here’s what we’ve done (this is only day/night two).

  • We moved her bedtime up by an hour, from 8Pm to 7PM. Tonight she was so tired she actually went to bed at 6:40. This also means changing her dinner time by an hour, too.
  • She was taking baths at night, but that seems to only reinvigorate her so we’ve decided to not give her baths at night – and instead do it in the morning.
  • We bought the Fisher Price Waterfall Crib Toy for her – it plays music, has lights and a slow moving monkey that is supposed to soothe her to sleep.
  • Results night one: Nila slept in her crib the entire night (YAY!). She went to bed at 7PM, cried for an hour, but then put herself to sleep. She woke up at midnight (usually she wakes up at 9PM, and 11PM), ate for 10 minutes and I put her back in her crib with the toy on. She cried for 20 minutes then fell asleep for 20 minutes, then woke up and cried for another 20. Each of these times she put herself back to sleep. She woke up again at 4:10AM, but put herself back to sleep 10 minutes later. Then she woke up for good at 6:10AM (she has been waking up at 4:30AM!). We went downstairs and typically, she would be up for a half hour and then go back to sleep until 8AM when she then eats breakfast. Today, I didn’t let her go back to sleep! and kept her up until 9:45AM – at which point I put her in her crib and she went right to sleep for an hour. She took an afternoon nap at 1PM, and went right to sleep then (from awake to sleep! it was amazing). I suspect she’s tired because we’ve screwed up her schedule so much today, but maybe that’s what she needed! So tonight, she went to bed at 6:40PM, and she woke up just now (7:30PM), but is asleep again by herself already. Good for her learning to put herself to sleep!

    Besides that very exciting recount of Nila’s sleep schedule, which I know is gripping, Thursday I’m meeting with my enrollment counselor at Franklin Univ., where I’ll be attending school to get a degree in Marketing. All of my classes are online – and I’m only taking 8 credit hours to start. My financial aid package is completed already, too. Yeah for that!

    About keeping house – does anyone else have a schedule of housekeeping tasks they perform each day? Here is mine. Most days, I only do 60% of this – but I’m getting better. It’s important to me to have an organized and clean house, but it feels a little crazy right now, which is why I created this goal sheet!

    I’m slowly starting to find time to read again, too. I didn’t tell you this, but I read a pretty good book a few weeks ago (of course, now I can’t remember the name). I used to read like a fiend, but that has all but stopped since I’ve had Nila. Bob read a book called, “Gilead” which he swears is great, so I’m slowly reading it now. I’ll let you know when I have a verdict though so far, it is pretty good!

    4 thoughts on “07.14 | Obligatory post.

    1. YAY OR YEAH OR YEA FOR NILA!!! I know it’s hard, and I wish I had some wonderfully magical advice that would make the house run like a well oiled machine, but I don’t. All you can do, is what you can do. No one will remember,if you kept an immaculately clean home, but they will remember if you raise a happy child. She’s only going to be around for so long, then you can clean!!

    2. I sent you this article from Simple Living that gives you a breakdown on how much time to spend on cleaning each room. It’s amazing! I read this, printed it out and dang, it works.
      Cleaning the kitchen takes 4-1/2 minutes provided you have a dishwasher.
      Cleaning the bathroom takes 6 minutes. It gives a breakdown on everything. It gives a list of things that you should do every day, weekly, once a month, 3 months, 6 months and once a year and the time it takes to do it. Now as much as I HATE housework, this list really does work. I just take an hour break in between each thing so it feels like I spent the whole day cleaning house LOL

      Nila is just doing what all humans do. She goes to sleep and when she gets uncomfortable and turns over to get comfortable again, it sort of wakes her up. But as a baby, she’s allowed to cry! All we can do is lay there and try to go back to sleep and hope that we do it quickly. Plus she gets to take naps during the day.
      Which we grownups should be allowed to do everyday, even at work. They should allow us a two hour nap. The Mexicans do it down here. Work stops at around 2:00 because it’s hot and they take a nap for two hours. Then they wake up and get back to work.

      I thought that idea of tucking in the blanket was a good idea. Kind of like swaddling like when she was first born. Oh well, just be happy that she’s young enough to go bed before 8 pm. Wait until 16 years later and you’re waiting up for her to come home safe.
      In the meantime, I agree with Tammy. As long as you have a place to sit down, no one cares what the house looks like, enjoy your time with Nila.

    3. I have a little wooden doll that I keep in my kitchen. She’s wearing a small apron that is turned half-way around. Her hair is sticking up at all angles, sort of like a very little girl when her Mommy tries to put her hair up in a ponytail. One shoe has an untied shoe lace. She has a wooden heart and a smile on her face. Writen on the heart is “Housework makes you UGLY” I also have a magnet that says “Dull Women Have Clean Houses”. It has a small rose painted on it to remind me to stop and smell the roses. So what if I don’t keep a spotless house. I might be embarrased of my housekeeping if somebody pops in, but I’ll get over it. My obitary will not say “She always had a sloppy house” I won’t be judged by God because of the appearance of my house. As long as it’s healthy and loving, so be it.

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