07.09 | Awww snap!

So Bob hasn’t mentioned this, but he has been cooking up a storm lately. We’ve had all sort of crazy good dinners lately, but tonight was my favorite: Pork satee with sugar snap peas w/almonds and couscous. To die for. I’m so thankful to have a husband who likes to cook (and I think he’s liking it more and more as the days go on). If I can, I’ll find the recipes for some of what he’s cooked and post it here.


One thought on “07.09 | Awww snap!

  1. I found the trick to learning to love to cook is having a good set of cookware. I hated cooking before I got mine and now, well don’t tell anyone because I don’t want to ruin my reputation, but I can actually cook now. I made real homemade spegetti last night. Not the kind in a jar, but actually from scratch. My daughter can tell you that could almost be considered a miracle! But Bob I’m glad that you like to cook because I never taught Angie how to. She had to learn completely on her own.

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