07.03 | Red, White and Bust.

Still sick. Went to the Little Clinic myself and was told I have a bad sinus infection, gunk and pus in one ear and that it’s likely to burst anyday now (but to not worry – it will heal itself). I really haven’t been this sick in years.

Also, just got my new powercord for my laptop today, so for the first time in a week, I’m fully charged. My laptop that is. I’m still operating at about 40%. If you’ve emailed or posted lately, I’m not ignoring you, just… well ignoring you until I’m better, I guess.



Oh, and Nila is better, Bob is still sick with an ear infection.


One thought on “07.03 | Red, White and Bust.

  1. Oh, I hope that doesn’t burst. That hurts like hell! Even if it does usually heal back. What antibiotices did the doctor put you and Bob on Amococillion (can’t spell, sorry too early) or did they give you the steroids?

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