06.22 | Little Kurdistan

This is a tv series about the Kurdish population in Nashville, where the most Kurds live in the US. I’ve wanted to see it, and found it today on You Tube. Part 1 is below. I want to share these videos as a gift to you, so that you can see more about our people and also, why we want to go to San Diego to serve them there.



One thought on “06.22 | Little Kurdistan

  1. So are the Kurds in San Diego as organized as they are in Nashville, or is that something that you and Robert going to be working on? It would seem as though it would be easier for you two to accompish this, since you’ve actually been there and understand so much. How many Kurds are in San Diego? It would be wonderful if you could do this? I know that Robert is going to be teaching English while you’re there and that in itself will be a hugh help to the Kurds in San Diego. It has to be exciting to know that you’re going somewhere where the people there are like the same people where you just came from? I have a question though, over there, there are gangs (loosely termed word) due to the differences in regligion. Do they have the same problem here? I’m really interested in learning more about what the Kurds in San Diego are like compared to the Kurds in Nashville.

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