06.20 | It’s time to get your crayons and pencils…

Robert just said my blog is boring. I said, “you are.”

I snagged Brandi’s camera today in order to bring you a picture page (and Aimee asked to see my new haircut, so here you go). I also bought a new swimsuit today. Here is a picture:

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “My Angie, you sure do look GOOOOD just nine months after having the baby.” You should know by now that’s not me. I came down the stairs to model my new swim skin to Robert, and said, “How does it look?” He said, “Nice.” “You need to get a tan.” Thanks, babe. Not all of us are blessed with skin the color of a paper bag.

So, today I went to the pool for the first time this summer! Brandi and I goofed off with one of her stalker friends. Mostly I just clung to the edge of the pool because I’m not the best um…swimmer. Let’s just say that my motto is “Anything you can do in the pool, I can do better, with one hand holding my nose.” Brandi’s motto for the day was, “Balancing on the edge of the pool only counts if you don’t use your boobs as counterweight.” Whatever. You play your way I’ll play mine.

After dinner, Brandi, Bob, Tammy, Nila and I headed to Canal Winchester to check out a new restaurant called Del Mar. It supposes itself to be BAJA Mexican. Bob and I were stoked because, while in California, we fell in in love with a little chain joint called Rubio’s, and wondered if this place might be kin to it. It wasn’t kin to Rubio’s at all. It was kin to Taco Hell. Ugh. A complete waste of our time. BUT, they did have sweet tea which was unexpected, so the trip wasn’t a total waste.

We got home about an hour and a half after Nila’s bedtime, so we hurriedly put in her into bed (which pretty much worked again tonight, YAY!). As she was lying there sleeping, I thought about how God sent Jesus to us as a baby. I don’t really have any profound thoughts about it, but I realized that this was the first time I’d considered this since Nila was born. Looking at her and thinking, “Hm. God came as a baby. He came and lived with us just like Nila came to live with us. Hm. Wonder if God wants to say something to me through her.”

Who is God speaking through to you these days?


2 thoughts on “06.20 | It’s time to get your crayons and pencils…

  1. That haircut sure does look similar to the one that I got for my makeover.
    And I DO NOT, repeat DO NOT do bathing suits. I haven’t put on a bathing suit in at least 20 years. I haven’t been swimming in about that long either. I used to live in an apartment complex that had a swimming pool and had just built up the courage to go into one day, when I found out the city had condemded it for having feces in it. I mean to look at it you would think that it was clean usually. So I don’t trust swimming pools anymore and I won’t even stick my toe in the water around here. It might come out purple with all the chemical plants around. There are some weird looking fish here.
    I would say that God is speaking to you as a mother right now. God is saying to me that my mission is to spread “How Far Will Happy Go. To hear people being happy. So many people that I get a response from say that they get the joy from God and then comes the happiness.

  2. Love the new ‘do! Thanks for sharing all the photos. Cool.

    I’m jealous that you’re into buying a new swimsuit. I approached it as a cat being taken to a bath, fighting and screaming all the way. You are inspiring me to lose my weight… though, I have MUCH more to lose than you.

    Anyway, I had considered that Jesus came to us as a baby when Hannah was born. She was born in December, so it was pretty easy to consider all that back then. It is amazing when you pause to consider all the firsts your child is experiencing, that Jesus did that, too. Neat, huh?

    I’m not sure that any of us can have an inkling the love God has for us until we have a child of our own.

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