06.16 | Cough, Cough, Cough…

Dear Mom of the Hacking Wet Cough Baby at the Ghetto Pediatrician’s Office,

I am sorry that you had to go to the Doctor’s office with three kids (your newborn, your girl with short chopped off hair, and the sick toddler boy). I can’t imagine what a mess it must have been to get all that together and going. I also feel sad for your little boy who is obviously catching some sort of desperate sickness, judging from his terrible cough. BUT, please, that doesn’t excuse your boy from coming over and couhing on my well baby, and on her car seat and on her toys and on my husband and I. For all I know he has MERSA or something like that. I had to keep my husband from kicking him, and you’re lucky I felt sad that he was sick or I might have let him do it.


We took Nila to the doctor’s today for the first time since we’ve been home (and actually, the first time since her two month birthday). She had a good time (uh) in the waiting room, and then a better time with the nurse (uh). But, her new doc was pretty cool. I know you’re waiting for the update, so here you go:

14 pounds 14 oz and 25.5 inches!!! woo hoo baby! She was also given four shots to catch up on her immunizations (in two months, she’ll have another round and then she’ll be caught up). She didn’t cry too much for the shots, but sure did when I ripped off the bandaids! Special thanks to Aunt Brandi who waited until after I’d torn them off to say, “Oh, you could have waited until she was in the bathwater tonight to do that.” Oh yeah, right! Maybe next time…



2 thoughts on “06.16 | Cough, Cough, Cough…

  1. Heh heh…

    Welcome to Motherhood!

    Things like this never end. It starts when people start rubbing your baby bump and ends, well, it never ends because one day, people will be rubbing -her- baby bump. People know nothing of personal space.

    Glad to hear all went well and congrats on those beautiful stats! 🙂

  2. YAY NILA!!! Poor little boy, that cough must be miserable for him in the heat. I’m sure Nila’s immune system was set to “death laser” to take care of those germs….that’s the beauty of breast feeding!!

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