06.15 | Happy Father’s Day.

I forgot to call my dad today. It’s 11:40PM and I’m thinking about calling now, but I talked to him a few days ago and he said that he is working double shifts at the ship yard, so I’m pretty sure that he won’t be awake or available, and I don’t want to disturb him. I will call tomorrow (I call every year, but sometimes I can only leave a message). I can’t imagine how bad it must suck for your kids not to call on Father’s Day, even if you don’t really expect it.

3 thoughts on “06.15 | Happy Father’s Day.

  1. It sucks believe me. Your brothers have forgotten to call on my birthday and mother’s day both. But they’re making up for it this year. Joe actually sent me a card AND a phone call. I thought I’d die of a heart attack
    As long as you call within 24 hours or even leave a message on an answering machine, that’s cool. Parents can deal with a phone message. It’s okay. I stil have your messages saved on my answering machine when you left for overseas! I probably have them on there forever unless someone accidently erases them..
    The only way that you can get around not being around sick babies at the dr’s office is to go to a regular family doctor, then you have to deal with old people’s coughs which are worse. Baby coughs are usually croup, so it sounds a lot worse than it is. Or you can put a little mask like thing on her face that can sort of protect her.Babies usually are at the baby doctor because they are sick. No way around that, kiddo. But, I know, it’s hard because you don’t those snotty runny nose little brats getting your sweet healthy baby any of their nasty yucky germs. Use lots of sanitizers!

  2. Dude, i have virtually never made those calls. Mainly because? i think it’s goofy to make a big deal about things on these arbitrarily set days (i feel the same about birthdays). It’s not just an excuse. i figure it’s better to do throughout the year when i think about it rather than when i’m externally triggered. i do buy Christmas gifts, but that’s about it for “those” expected tasks. Am i nuts?

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