06.10 | The Tooth Fairy’s First Visit

Nila’s first tooth is popping out!! (That would be the lower left central incisor)! YAY! I’ve suspected for about nine months that she was getting this tooth, but in the last two weeks I’ve KNOWN that it was coming because I could see it pushing its way up. Then late last week, I thought I could see a tiny speck of white peeking out. TODAY – I can feel it! It finally pushed its way through her gums! Yeah!


3 thoughts on “06.10 | The Tooth Fairy’s First Visit

  1. OMG, What memories this brings back. This is the first stage of her babyhood moving away. She will look so cute with her two front teeth, and it won’t take her long to learn how to use them. Good for you, Mila! Real bananas are in the future.

  2. Maybe that’s why she’s been so fussy lately. You’ll be able to tell when that tooth if fully grown when you breastfeed. Ow. She’ll have a second one come in soon. She’s growing too fast. I got to see her when she was three days old and now she’s growing teeth. I praying that I find a way to see her in CA

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