06.07 | Round Squishiness

The inflatable pool Nila swam in yesterday for the first time, Nila, and I are all round and squishy! I said last week that I was going to work on losing 25 pounds – from 150 to 125 – with my friends at Ragamuffin Soul. This morning I weighed in at 146.8. Good for me! I only worked out once this week, but we have eaten a little better this week than last (um, but maybe last night I made a pitcher of sweet tea using our Mahmood Tea from Iraq – which is a little spicier than normal tea, and um, maybe I drank four glasses, which um, might explain why I still couldn’t sleep at 2AM). I’ve got to have a sweet treat every once in a while…especially if it’s tea!


6 thoughts on “06.07 | Round Squishiness

  1. Great job losing some weight this week. Sounds like I could use some of that tea first thing in the morning. It would have to be better for me than the Cokes that I can’t seem to give up.

    Your daughter is way too cute.

    keep up the good work – check in on you next week.

  2. Excellent!!! Nila’s a cutie!! A couple of ab crunches with her on your tummy–fun for her if not for you. Yeah, like I EVER did that with my kids. Keep it up! (the work, not the weight :))

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