06.07 | How Far Will Happy Go?

You may notice a new addition to the blogroll: How Far Will Happy Go!? My mom has started a website to spread some love by sharing the happy things that have happened to us! Now, you can even take HAPPY along with you on your happy adventures and mail in a photo of where he’s been! Be sure to stop in to How Far Will Happy Go? and let her know about your happiness!

(from How Far Will Happy Go.com)

About Me
I am a retired disabled tax accountant. I have a rare autoimmune disesase that makes life little diffcult for me at times but I still have 5-6 hours that I feel pretty good every day thanks to good drugs. I am a two time breast cancer survivor and I feel very blessed just to wake up every day and find that my name is not in the obits that day. I just want to start LIVING life again while I still can!

About Happy
This is where I post about something good or something happy and then you post something good or something happy. Let’s see how far this will go.


One thought on “06.07 | How Far Will Happy Go?

  1. This is cool! I haven’t been online much, but will need to add this and another graphic to my sites.

    Thanks for sharing. I’ll get over there ASAP.

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