06.07 | Fatty, Take a Flying Leap!

So I went to the gym tonight, and used my new Podrunner music. HolyFreakin'(insert your own word here)!

It was fantastic! I really don’t have words to say how great I feel right now. The music was JUST RIGHT for where I am right now – right when I would get bored of walking, it would “ding ding ding!” and the beat would kick up for a minute or two of running. I know, a minute or two might not seem like a lot to you, but it is when you haven’t worked out in forever! I do this workout two more times this week with a day off in between to rest, and then I move on to the next interval set. The entire set is designed to run a 5K in 10 weeks. There is a 5K in San Diego the week of August 16…who knows! Maybe that will be my “thing to do” shortly after we get to California!



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