06.06 | the 1PM report

Nila is upstairs sleeping peacefully (which might last about 8 minutes total, though she seems perfectly tired). Later today, she is going to take a dip in her very own pool (it’s about 2ft. x 2ft x 1 ft). Bob and Brandi filled it up earlier today so the water would be warm enough for her.

These pictures show two of her favorite new toys. The block thing with all of the rods – we found that at Once Upon a Child a few weeks ago. It’s mostly a wooden toy, (which I love). The other is “Safety Saurus,” a stuffed dino that Granma Kay brought home from the zoo, where she works. Safety Saurus is the first stuffed animal Nila has “taken a liking to,” if I can say that without sounding like a hick. BTW – if anyone has or knows where to buy those old wooden blocks with the alphabet on them, please let me know. I desperately want them for her (and no, I haven’t searched on the internet yet).

Lots of people are asking what Nila is eating these days. It’s funny the things people are curious about concerning a baby. Well, in order of introduction: bananas, avocado, rice cereal, oatmeal cereal, sweet potato, zucchinni, Chipotle (just kidding), today she will meet lentils for the first time and probably on Sunday she’ll have yellow squash. Not bad considering she’s only been eating solids for about two weeks, and she eats/likes all of those things. Also, I think I accidentally purchased yams instead of sweet potatoes this time, so tomorrow she’ll have yams (at least that’s what I think – sweet potatoes aren’t as orange as yams). We make her own food (which is super easy). Up to this point, we’ve made it as we need it. I think I need to consider freezing some and reheating as we need it so that I’m not always cooking and dirtying up more dishes.

We have a Dr.’s appointment for her on the 16th, at which she’ll hopefully get some more vaccinations. She was an angel for the first set when she was two months old (before we went to Iraq), but I don’t imagine it will be the same now. She has her own little attitude when she wants to show it, and I suspect we’ll see it at the Dr.’s office.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!




One thought on “06.06 | the 1PM report

  1. Do you have a Value City near you? That’s where I found our wooden blocks. They came in a little wooden wagon, even. Less than $10… I can’t remember how much, exactly, though. You might also try Toys R Us or Target…. they carry more Melissa and Doug toys than anyone. We love those, especially. Mostly wooden toys made in the USA. Some cloth ones, too.

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