06.06 | Summertime.

Bob wants to know about summer. As you read this, be sure to play the video above, because it mos def represents summer to me. “And as I sit back makes me wonder how the smell of a grill could spark up nostalgia…” Seriously, I can hardly think long enough to write this post because I have that video playing in the background and I’m singing along to it (by myself in the apartment!)

Ok. Summer. I’ll try to be brief. Summer = swimming, softball, cheerleading, football, band, road trips and parks.

When I was very young, we would spend our summer days at the beaches in Virginia or out on the boat. When we were in middle school, we would swim ALL DAY at the Huber Heights Community Pool (yeah, that’s right – we were COMMUNITY POOL people and proud of it). I think the pool opened at 9AM, and closed at 7PM. We were there when it opened and stayed until it closed. The only exception were the days I had a softball game – because we knew it would be too exhausting to swim in the sun all day, then go play ball. We had to walk to the pool mostly because our parents worked, and as I look back now, we must have REALLY wanted to go to the pool because it was a long walk!

Softball. I played softball through middle school and a year of high school, with various teams in Huber Heights (the summer before my freshman year, I didn’t live in Huber but I played with Huber still). Towards late summer, the regular season would be over and traveling all-stars would start. That was the best because we…well, you get the picture. We traveled and played other all stars! I remember once at an all-weekend tournament, we found a creek/bone fide swimming hole that ran beside the park and went swimming in between games. It was HOT. I think that’s the only time I’ve ever swam in a creek (I generally think swimming near mud is gross). Then there would be a part of late summer that would overlap with cheerleading. Ugh. It was so hot. Dayton sucks like that. The air just hangs there.

But sports gave way to music during summer in high school for me. You couldn’t be in both the softball and band because they practiced at the same times; I wasn’t REALLY that great at cheerleading and truth be told, I was a much better musician than a cheerleader anyway. And, there was no pool in Northridge (reason #14 why I hated the Ridge when we first moved there). Band seemed to take up every day, too! If we weren’t practicing with the whole band, we were leading sectionals at our homes, or doing a car wash, or trying to act grown up by arranging some leadership activity (wait, maybe that was just my group of friends). Practicing all summer ended with a week long camp at a 4-H camp about a half hour from Dayton, and all I can say is ”

Nila is awake.




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