06.02 | Fatty meets Podrunner

Check out Podrunner.com if you need want free music to help you with your treadmill or outdoor workout. You can download music that is set to different BPM’s or a consistent BPM, and is designed to help you have a more effective walk/run. I’m starting with the First Day to 5K interval training, which you use three times in one week.

I know why I’ve gained weight since I’ve been home – Chipotle! I usually get the chips which add an incredible 40+ grams of fat to your meal, and let’s just say that I’ve had a lot of Chipotle since I’ve been home. I made the better decision tonight and left off the chips.

I’m waiting for Bob and Brandi to get home from the store, and then I’m going to ask Bob to show me how to upload songs onto our IPOD nano (I got it for him two years ago for Christmas, then he went and won a new IPod, the kind that plays movies and music, so he doesn’t need this one anymore. I’m excited!

[Update: I have to update my Itunes first, then I can use the IPod. Tonight, I just went for a walk/run around the neighborhood for about 30 minutes. It felt good. Tomorrow will feel better.]



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