05.30 | Movie Night

Tonight Robert and I went to the movies, by ourselves. Grammy Tammy came over and sat Nila so we could go out. We were going to go downtown to see Sex in the City, but we didn’t have time to go there and eat dinner, so we decided to join our friends from the Grove City Vineyard at a special showing of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. I know…from Sex in the City to the Chronicles of Narnia? That’s just who we are, I suppose. It was a good movie (I’d recommend it).

But for me, what was really nice was seeing our friends from the Vineyard. It as nice to know that we hadn’t been forgotten while we were in Iraq. Some of them were SO keeping up with us that the first things they talked about was our upcoming trip to California. In my mind, you have to really be following us in order to know that. Anyway, it was good to see them, even if it was just for a few minutes.


3 thoughts on “05.30 | Movie Night

  1. Our internet has been wiggy the past few days (hardware problem with the modem), so I”m just now catching up, in reverse chronological order. So, all that to say…

    LOL. THANK YOU for posting this! Because I cannot wait to see this movie and I haven’t really said much about it because:

    A. My husband calls this “The Sin Show” (having never really watched it. I watch the “cleaned up” versions on TBS).
    B. I think there’s only 1 other person who’d like to go see it
    C. How many people in “church circles” are wanting to see this movie?

    So, I’ve been wanting to see both movies. I hear SATC is VERY good. I cannot wait to see the 2nd Narnia movie, either. Thanks for being who you are! 🙂

  2. That’s what Grandma’s are for. Date nights. Take advantage of it as long as you can and I know that Grandma loves it!!!! She gets Nila all to her self. Good thing it’s not me there. Poor Nila wouldn’t get any sleep!

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