05.28 | Question #1

So I’ve decided that I need some structure to my blogging as of late! Too much baby and Iraq has left me as one of “those” bloggers who only write about one thing.

So here’s today’s question. Feel free to respond as you like!

Think about your favorite book when you were a child.  What made it your favorite?  Is there a story behind why it ranks so highly with you?

My favorite book when I was young was James and the Giant Peach.

A magical, musical fairy tale concerning a little boy, James Henry Trotter, who finds himself living with his two aunts, Spiker and Sponge, after the death of his parents. Life with his aunts is hard and he dreams of a better place, specifically New York City, a “dream like” place his parents had talked about. His dream comes true when a stranger appears with a bagful of magic which among others things, changes insects (a Grasshopper, Centipede, Lady Bug, Spider, Earthworm, Silk Worm, and Glow Worm) into real life characters and causes an ordinary peach to grow to immense proportions. It’s upon this peach that James and his new insect friends travel and make their way toward his “dream land.”

I loved this book when I was little, and all the adventure in James’ escape from his too-hard-for-a-boy-his-age life. Looking back, I was in love with this book at a time in my family’s life that was very difficult. If I could have, I would have escaped on a giant peach myself to a new city. When the movie came out a few years ago, I was scared to see it for fear that it would not accurately represent the adventure and grandeur that I’d imagined when I was little. I was totally wrong – it was perfect. Tim Burton did an amazing job of interpreting the book. Everything was as strange and surreal as I remembered it from the book.

If you haven’t read it, I won’t tell you what happens in the end…but it’s good. Go to your local library and check it out today – James and the Giant Peach by Ronald Dahl.


4 thoughts on “05.28 | Question #1

  1. My favorite is the Madeline series….even as a child I wanted to be French and living in Paris. I have two runners up: 1. All the Dick and Jane books, those are the ones used in school, when I was learning how to read….I’d love to have a few of them but they are seriously out of my price range. The other runner up, is not one from my childhood, but Brand & Bob’s…The Monster at the End of This Book. It’s a Sesame Street book about Grove looking for a monster and finding out, at the end, that he’s the monster. It’s really cute and fun and Brand and Bob were always surprised by the end!! Great memories!!!

  2. Speaking of The Monster at the End of the Book that was one of my favorite bedtime stories my dad would read to me. He did great voices with it. The one that tops that one though is The Cookie Monster and the Cookie Tree. Here’s why: Great memory of my dad and I laughing together. I remember not wanting anybody else to read books to me but him because he always made it special with voices and “just one more story.”

    When I got into my books that I enjoyed I have to confess that I was a tweeney that enjoyed Sweet Valley Twins. I use to get into these “book clubs” at the library where you get this map or something and then every time you finished reading a book you get to stamp the next square. I think I just enjoyed “racing” other people, even though they didn’t realize I was racing them and see how many squares and maps I could fill up. Library trips were thrilling for me.

    I’m sure my parents enjoyed it because it got me reading all summer. I would bring home bags of books and read them all just to race back to the library to get another bag of books. And you can bet a lot of them were the series The Sweet Valley Twins.

  3. I suppose my parents recognized early on that I was more of a brain than an athlete, but still I wish my parents would have pushed me just a little more in the small things like hand eye coordination so I could at least play kick ball without falling on my bottom.

  4. My favorite book is Johnathon Livingston Seagull. It changed my whole life and the way that i think. If you think it, it you can do it. But i wish that I could master the part where he thought of being somewhere and poof, he was there. If i could learn to do that, i could see all my grandbabies!

    Plus secretly, I loved Cinderella. I’m still thinking that a mouse is going to show up and turn my Rolls Canhardly and turn it into a beautiful carriage.

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