05.27 | What haven’t I eaten…

Seriously. What HAVEN’T I eaten since I’ve been home. Ugh. I’ve already gained three pounds and it has only been three weeks! This is not how I envisioned my return to the land of plenty. In Iraq, all I ate was rice, beans, and chicken kebab basically (and some fries). Tomorrow, I’m going to have chicken salad, so hopefully I won’t feel like a whale.

Bob and I are working on getting ourselves to San Diego (and by we, I mean Bob mostly, because he’s the one that will be working there). After being to the beach this weekend (and my dad’s house which had an outdoor seating area and flowers everywhere and a deck), I want a place of my own, near the beach. One day we will have it, I’m sure of it, but it seems far away at this point. Two years of not having a place to put our things (or a way to get to the place to put our things) is weighing heavy on me these days (along with the two sweet teas and a root beer I drank yesterday). I’m sure that the feeling will go away, or hopefully I’ll be able to channel it into something productive like fundraising!

Nila is getting into more of a routine with her evening sleep (almost always going to bed at 8PM), so what I NEED to do is get myself down to the gym after 8PM. I’d so much rather work out in the morning or mid afternoon, but with her schedule, I just don’t think that will happen anytime soon.

We’re going to Toledo this weekend to be present at a church celebrating their workers overseas. It should be fun – I’m going to wear my jilli kurdi for part of the morning (and take pictures of course), and Nila is going to wear the dish dash our cook made. And, I’m looking very forward to seeing Pastor Brad and his family again. He’s been so much like a dad to me – I realized a few weeks ago how much I miss getting to talk to him as often as we once did. It should be a good time!



One thought on “05.27 | What haven’t I eaten…

  1. Sweet tea. How have I’ve gone my whole life without knowing how to make real sweet tea? It’s so easy to get addicted to. I HAVE to have it now. I know that all the weight that I lost I’m going to gain back, but I don’t care if it means that I get to have sweet tea.
    Aah, and the ocean. The real ocean, not this waste water here.
    At least in CA you’ll be near a real ocean again. And Nila will have good memories of it just like you do. There’s nothing like the smell of the ocean and the sound of sea gulls.
    Now that I have a Rolls Canhardly, I can’t afford to drive it. It needs tires, the AC doesn’t work, no radio, and gas is so high that basically all I can afford is to put enough gas in it to get back and forth to the doctor. All these years of waiting on being able to drive myself around, very disappointing.
    Have fun on your trip to Toledo. I’m sure that Pastor Brad has missed you just as much as you’ve missed him and it will be a wonderful family reunion. Take lots of pics.

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