05.26 | Stone Temple Pilots are reuniting?

I just heard that on the news. Huh.

We’re back from Virginia. Devan and I went to Hampton Roads this weekend to see my granpa (see the post below). So did Robert and Nila.

See, the thing is…Devan and I were going to drive to Virginia ourselves. Dev’s not the best at driving long distances, and I can do that pretty well, so we were going to split the drive time. BUT…technically I can’t drive (you know, what with the seizures and all). Oh, and my liscence is suspended because of that! So, when Bob realized I planned on driving (about an hour before we were supposed to leave), he (and I) made the decision that we would all go and BOB and Devan would split the driving.

But there might have been a crying scene in Kroger’s before I actually made that decision. Again, I was reminded that “I’m not allowed to drive” and all the limitations that come with that.

In the end, it was really great that both Nila and Robert came. Seeing my granpa again was really nice, and we actually had a great visit with my dad and his wife. I’ll write more tomorrow, but it was a good weekend.


2 thoughts on “05.26 | Stone Temple Pilots are reuniting?

  1. I;n glad that you guys made it there and back. That’s a long drive to do in a couple of days. I’m glad that things went well with your dad. IM me sometime and let me know details.
    Yeah, I can understand the meltdowns at times.

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