05.23 | No time to breathe.

Well, we’re home from Iraq.

Yeah. Iraq. In case you didn’t know, I went to Iraq for six months to serve with a humanitarian aid organization. Probably you knew this, because I probably emailed or called you before I left to make sure that you knew. I remember I called my dad, even.

Not that he remembers. Today I went to call my Granpa Osborne to check in after coming home, and the person who answered said, “Oh honey. Bobby has been really sick lately. He’s in the hospital. He has lymphoma, and pneumonia and had two strokes this week.”

A lot can happen in six months, right? So immediately I started making plans to drive to Virginia to see him (a quick phone call to super-friend Devan made that possible). She and I will be leaving tommorrow evening to drive to VA this weekend. So I called my brother Luke and told him, then got Dad’s new phone number and called him. He said, “Where ya’ been?” I said, “Iraq.” And he said, “WHAT!? Holy sh**! You went to Iraq!!??”

Ah. Some things never change. This weekend should be interesting. And sad, I’m sure.


3 thoughts on “05.23 | No time to breathe.

  1. Wow, sorry to hear that (although, I confess, your brohter’s comments made me laugh). Is it just you, or are Robert and Nila going too?

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