04.29 | 3AM question

My mom emailed me the other day and said that someone asked her why the church in America is dying, and she wanted my opinion.

I’ve been thinking about it. My first thought was to see if it really IS? So I did some research and found that church attendance has remained virtually unchanged over the past 20 years. That’s at least not declining. But, there has been a net gain of 51 million new people in the US (by birth and immigration ((22 million are immigrants)), so really the church is missing out by not keeping up with growth.

I’m not ready to give any sort of answer, and part of me doesn’t even want to answer. I don’t like spending my time talking about what’s wrong with the American “church” much anymore. If all of us who want to chew the fat on that subject would start being the church more lik Jesus talks about and showed us, and invested more of our time really knowing the Father’s heart, the “church” would explode numerically.

I will answer eventually, though. Any thoughts?


2 thoughts on “04.29 | 3AM question

  1. Actually, it was a blog, and I too, have not left any type of comment on it,, because I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on it too. I still believe that the “church” is growing but not in the conventional sense of the word church. I believe that it is growing through the Holy Spirit more so than in a single building.I don’t know though, because you keep seeing more and more megachurches. But that doesn’t “feel’ like the right answer.
    Here is a link to the blog: It is written by a Pastor.

  2. Have you noticed that you’ve been getting automated “news” ads added to your blog? Did you mean for that to happen?

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