04.27 | Eight Days…Rambling post.

We have a lot to do, I think. Laundry mostly. It seems that we never really got ahead of the laundry beast here. And when I say, “I” I mean Bob. He does the laundry most of the time at night after I’ve gone to bed with Nila. It wasn’t until the weather started getting warmer that we were able to efficiently do a load (because the clothes would dry hanging on the line so much more quickly than they did hanging in our bedroom, creating that ever so fresh swamp smell during winter). Earlier this week, we went through all of our clothes (and Nila’s) and chose what we are taking home and what we are going to give away here. So much of it doesn’t fit and is years out of style (even for Iraq!). I’m coming home with exactly two pairs of jeans, a pair of black dress pants, three sweaters, two “blouses”, three tank tops and a long sleeved tshirt. Oh, and two jilli kurdi. I don’t guess I’ll be wearing those out and about though…

We’re lucky that Nila is as small as she is, because we were given a good amount of 3-6 mos. and 6-12 mos. clothes at my baby shower. Many of the 3-6 mos. clothes still fit, and hardly any of the 6-12 mos. do…so we’re coming home with about half of the clothes for her we brought. We’re leaving the carseat and playpen here. We have an American friend here who just had a baby girl, and she could use them. People don’t use car seats here – in fact – they often times look at it like its from another planet. They’re available here, but they’re really expensive. Same thing with the playpen. So it seems like the better thing to do to give them away to someone who knows what to do with them and also needs them. I started to get Nila some new clothes from Old Navy the other day, but Bob said we should wait until we get home to see if she is in their 3-6 mos. clothes, or their 6-12 mos. I guess… :-p

Oh. Right. So I am going to buy a new car seat today and have it shipped to Brandi’s apartment. Graco makes a rear facing one now that can hold a baby up to 30 pounds. The way Nila is going, she will be in that for years. Even 20 pounds seems a year away (when she can legally ride in a front facing seat). Yesterday, I bought a huge box of diapers, wipes, feeding spoons, some hopefully indestructible plates, and some more Infant Tylenol and had those shipped to the apartment (from www.Diapers.com). We are going to try ordering diapers and wipes online rather than runnin to the store all the time. It’s cheaper even than Sam’s Club (not by much though), and will hopefully save us from the continuous and tiresome trips to the store (even more bothersome since we don’t have a car at home and there aren’t taxis just waiting for us like here).


One thought on “04.27 | Eight Days…Rambling post.

  1. I have LOTS of baby gear and clothes if you’d like them. And shoes. Lots of shoes. Please let me know what you need as soon as you can (not like you’re busy or anything, right? ;-P ) We’re having a neighborhood yard/garage sale on May 3rd, so I’d be happy to pull anything for you. We’re not that far, we could bring it up, even.

    We have:
    Bouncy Seat (barely used)
    Baby Carriers (2), not Baby Bjorn, but like them

    Clothes, sizes up to 12 months. Shoes infant through Toddler/Big Girl size 9. You are MORE than welcome to them. Just email me or comment on my blog.

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