04.24 | so full.

Dinner tonight was so good. Bob and I ate this entire salad ourselves!



1 head cabbage, shredded

1 large red onion, sliced

1 carrot, peeled and shredded

1 Green apple, chunked


1/2 c. toasted almond slices

2 pkgs. Ramen noodles oriental, uncooked


Toast almonds and noodles (15 mins in oven at 3 or 300). Break up uncooked noodles and toss with remaining ingredients. Pour dressing over salad just before serving. Serves 10.




1 c. oil

2 tbsp. apple vinegar

4 tbsp. sugar

2 tsp. salt

1 tsp. pepper

Ramen Noodle Seasoning Packet


Mix together.


One thought on “04.24 | so full.

  1. questions: 1. Do I use olive or veg. oil? 2. Does it really require 4T sugar? and 3. Can I use less salt, since the seasoning packets are pretty salty?

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