04.02 | Ok, so let me just do THIS one thing…


I’m glad that you’re enjoying the pics of Nila. I told Bob the other day (after we both said that she is seriously the cutest baby ever made) that I think one day she might just explode, she is just that cute. Like maybe she won’t be able to contain her own cuteness and that will just be it! She’ll pop. Like one of those confetti poppers for the fourth of July.

Kathy Lee Gifford is joining the Today Show? When did that happen? That can’t be good. Hmmm…. Focus. Focus.

Newroz just wrapped up here. It’s the biggest holiday of the Kurish year, and celebrates the slaying of Persian king who used to eat the villagers’ babies. Normally we would have gone on a picnic in the mountains with the rest of our city, but we were completing a baseball camp in a nearby city so we didn’t get to do that. But we did get to take in the city’s party downtown, where probably 100,000 people showed up to party the afternoon away (afternoon because the women had to go home by evening). Our entire office along with our kurdish friends, including Nila, dressed up in our jilli kurdi amd hit the streets. It was madness. We didn’t expect to be treated like celebrities! We couldn’t take ten steps down the main steet of our city without being swarmed with paparazzi wanting to take pictures! It took us about an hour to walk less than a mile, I think. Mostly, I think they wanted to take a picture of Nila…

You can’t see her jilli very well in our pictures because she’s always being held, and she has hat hair.

OK I have to go now…moe “just one things” to do… until next time! BUT!…. we’re coming home soon enough!


3 thoughts on “04.02 | Ok, so let me just do THIS one thing…

  1. You’re right. She is. She’s just pure adorable inside and out. She’s going to grow up and her beauty will affect a lot of people. It’s hard to tell in the picture, but did you get your dress too? You’ll be home in about a month? More or less?

  2. Great pic! Thanks for sharing! Once she’s really active and talking, the cuteness factor hits the stratosphere you guys will really explode with love. 😉

    Yeah, Kathie Lee…. I didn’t know that NBC was that desperate. (BTW, I think she lived on EKG… I -think-. How weird, huh?)

    Email me where you will be receiving mail… I have some coupons for free stuff for you. 🙂

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