03.09 | Piroze!


It has been a good week, I think. Nila is learning the family way when it comes to taking pictures, as you can see! I thisnk that she also has officially entered the “crawler” stage the past few days. I heard squeals of delight from Bob, calling me into the living room one morning and when I (and several staff members) got there, we heard Nila making the strangest eeking noise and saw her perched on both knees ready for take off. She’s been trying to figure out how all the appendages work lately, and almost had it figured out last week. Apparently she nailed it because today she’s been all over, eeking her way about. Then every once in a while she’ll just lay down exhausted as if it’s just all too much work. Seriously, she’s just the most fantastic baby ever. The photo above just proves it.

Then there’s this photo of Robert. What can I say. You can see why I married in him, right? I don’t know exactly what he was doing in this picture – it looks like he was teaching this class, but he wasn’t. Maybe he was handing out instructions on cool.

And then there are the photos of the art exhibit. Amazing. We went to a friend’s brother’s primary school (the friend is a teacher and the brother is a teacher) and the school was having an art exhibit that they worked really hard to get funding for. It was amazing. The school itself was sort of fantastic because the classroom walls (outside the classrooms) were painted to reflect what was the classroom was (for example, the classroom wall outside the science room was painted like the water cycle), but in a really creative way – some children riding a leaf up a rainbow to the sky and clouds which were on the ceiling and back down to the lake. But then there was all of the art the children made… not just paper art on the walls, but scupltures and all sorts of things! When I get more pictures I will post them because I think they’re wonderful. I would like to bring them to the US to display, they’re that wonderful.

And, of course you can see from the pictures, the children were dressed in their jilli kurdi – fancy clothes for fancy occassions! I told you that our cook had made one of these jilli for Nila, now you know what I’m talking about! I’ll have one too soon enough hopefully.

And one last thing, if anyone is thinking of visiting us in April, you could fly here through Dubai and then fly home with us in May….$1600 from Columbus, $1700 from Chicago + Indy, $1800 from Houston…. in case you’re thinking about it. i mean just in case… 😉


6 thoughts on “03.09 | Piroze!

  1. I love the pictures. You definitely need some sparkly clothes!

    I can’t believe how fast time passes. There’s nothing like a baby for making me realize how significant a month can be.

  2. hey angela
    i was going through my book shelf the other day, and i found a book that you gave me. i was supposed to return it, but i never did. it was a new kind of christian. i remember the conversation that we had that led you to lend me the book, and i realized, with some measure of regret, how little i really took advantage of the time i had with you and how much i appreciated having you as a youth pastor. the book was kind of poorly written, i thought, but it did add a direction and a momentum to a certain dissatisfaction of mine that is starting to yield fruit. i guess what i am trying to say (and what i meant to say in a much plainer manner) is thanks for the book, thanks for your time, and im praying for you. you are a terrific sister and i thank God for you.

  3. Does Nila like the ball that I sent that lights up? of the stuffed animals? Did the clothes fit? I can’t wait to hear about your week.

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