03.03 | Shayy le malewe.


This is DDog, our office cook and housekeeper (only for lunch, not breakfast or dinner. Please don’t get the idea that Bob and I are over here living it up with a cook and housekeeper). With upwards of 13 people eating lunch here each day, you can see why we need a cook!

She’s kind of crazy about Nila. The day these pictures were taken, she had finished her work (I think), and came into my office (which is actually our living room and also Nila’s play area). She walked over to where Nila was lying down and started playing with her. Then, all of a sudden, she grabbed her and put her on her noggin! Not once, but twice! The second time, it was because she wanted me to take a picture! Two weeks ago, she came in with a present for Nila…an orange sparkly jilli kurdi which she made herself! For those who know what that is, you’ll know what a special gift that is. For those who don’t, it’s a very fancy outfit that the Kurdish women and girls wear on special occassions and to the holiday picnics for Newroz, a holiday season coming up in two weeks. We tried it on her and it totally fits! So DDog danced with Nila a Kurdish dance around the office singing a Kurdish song (that included something about Nila being a Kurdish baby now) shouting, “Shayy offizeke!” (loosely translated, a party in the office).

As you can tell from the photos, Nila wasn’t quite sure what was happening this particular day, but rest assured, she likes DDog a lot and she loves the Kurdish songs that she sings. We joke that one day many years from Nila will have this faint memory of a woman who used to toss her in the air and sing these strange songs to her…(and feed her chocolate, but that’s another story, isn’t it!)… and now you all know who that woman is!


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