03.03 | Froggy + Ducky


3 thoughts on “03.03 | Froggy + Ducky

  1. I’m so sorry, but I haven’t figured out a way to view videos without it taking like an hour or and hour and half to view a 5 min video because I only have dialup. I’ve checked with youtube and you have to have high speed and I’ve checked with google and i have to have high speed. I can see it but it comes in like in 1 or 2 second intervals then it waits for another 4 or 5 minutes and it gives me another 1 or 2 seconds. Any ideas whiz kids? From what I’ve seen, does she have a teddy bear or stuffed rabbit to add to her collection of animals?

  2. Thank you, Cody, for the wonderful pictures, thank you Froggy & Ducky for being such good friends to my granddaughter and thank you Mom and Dad, for giving me such a beautiful grandbaby!!!
    Love you all!!

  3. hey! i took those pictures with Cody’s camera! i know some of them aren’t in focus, but i was also playing with Nila at the same time…

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