02.16 | It’s alive!

The internet is working again sort of. In honor of it’s revival, I share with you a fantastic salad we make here (and by make, I mean we’ve made it twice – it’s a lot of work here to prepare!). We could eat it every day. 1 kilo = 2.3 pounds, and white cheese is feta cheese. And hey, you know this salad is good because even Robert likes it, and it has MUSTARD AND VINEGAR in it…ick! and he ASKS for this salad! It’s also good with chicken, and I suspect it would be good with a grilled pepper steak. Enjoy!

Sweet and Sour Salad:

1.5 Kilos Spinach
1 Bunch of Soliq (we don’t think that soliq exist in the US, one might substitute a really heavy lettuce like boston lettuce? or field greens…)
1 Tub of White Cheese (i.e. Akbel)
1/4 Kilo Kish Mish (Raisins)
4 Green Apples — peeled and sliced
1/8(?) Kilo Almonds — sliced and roasted

1 c vinegar
1 1/3 c oil
2 (Heaping) Tbsp. mustard (preferably Dijon)
10-12 cloves garlic
3 Tbsp. sugar

Here’s another, but Bob doesn’t like it so much, and there’s not really a true recipe for it (just make enough of each item to your liking). Dice up 2 medium tomatoes, 1 large onions, 4-5 large cucumbers, 1 green pepper and throw in 1 POMEGRANATE. Sprinkle a little salt over the whole thing when its done. This is a salad here – and it’s really good. Also served often as a salad is the whole thing without the POM, but when they serve it with the POM it adds a sweet and sour kick that is unexpected. I love it and could eat the entire bowl.

Happy eating.


One thought on “02.16 | It’s alive!

  1. Angie, this salad sounds like it would open the sinus cavities. All that garlic and mustard, and with 1 cup of vinegar it has to be tart. But it does sound good. Maybe it could be put in a pita bread for some extra flavor.
    Take care,,,,,

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