02.09 | Quiet

Our internet is broken because the phone (or internet company, I’m not clear which) accidentally cut the phone cable to our neighborhood over a week ago. We’ve been tryingto get access while eating dinner at a local restaurant that has free wifi, but for the first few days I had six large bounced emailed clogging up my email so I could neither send nor recieve do it didn’t matter that we’d found access… Then you have to factor in that our batteries only last so long (plugging in is sort of crazy because our plugs are different than theirs so it means bringing our own extension cord in the diaper bag!).

Nila is teething, too. Madness. That’s all I have to say about that. Hurry up already will ya?

Devan. I promise I didn’t forget your birthday.  I just didn’t have internet. Please do tell. How was it? And no, I’m not dead. thanks for asking.

Cristi  – I want to look at your websit but it takes too long to load here. Like three  days. I can’t tell if that’s because it was created with a MSC or what? I haven’t had that happen with any other sites here (except videos). But I’m trying!

 The internet is “supposed” to be fixed on Sunday. We’ll see. I doubt it…


3 thoughts on “02.09 | Quiet

  1. Hey Angie. I read your blog all the time to stay in the know. Hey, I sent you an important message today to your angieo email. That was the only one I had. If you have a chance, check it out. If that account is no longer active, can you email me your current email address?

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