01.09 | 24 Hour Chaordic

I hate to use a buzz word that is so 1o years ago, but chaordic, a mash up of chaos and order is the only real way to describe life here the pas two weeks. We’ve gotten into a routine of expecting something to go wrong, You know that we have 24 hour power at our house, a small miracle thanks to our friend Todd and the Ministry of Health. Todd jokes that only three places in all of Iraq have 24 hour power – Talabani’s house, the hospitals, and our house. It’s not true, but it’s funny nonetheless.

Well over the past two weeks, our power has been on the fritz in one way or another. First our living room’s electrical outlets exploded (the only room suitable for general living and computing). Todd and Robert worked through the nights to fix that. Twice. Then the room with the washing machine in it – that outlet fried the washing machine cord to the outlet and had to be replaced along with the machine’s cord (read: no clean clothes period). Next, the entire cicruit board caught fire and exploded, filing that room with smoke. It sounded like a car accident, left us without electricity for almost two days, took three days took fix completely and left a char mark on the wall to remind us of that adventure. No sooner had we repaired that, than a big snowstorm blew through town, with bitter hard winds and a liitle ice, too. But lucky for us, we had 24 hour power to see us through…

Had. Our power comes from the hospital across the street which is powered through the city’s interconnected power supply just for the hospital. About a day later, the city’s hospital’s transformer just fell down!, in the middle of the storm and all the hospitals lost power. Obviously it’s worse for them than for us…and now it’s fixed…but for about two and a half days, there was either no power, or little power.

Oh, and did I mention that all during this time we were moving our office from its old location into our home? Yeah…11 people coming and going and wondering where their promised 24 hour power was…And that during the winter storm we simultaneously ran out of water, had it refilled the next day, only to have it freeze in the pipe a few hours later?

Ahhh…but all is well now, right? We’re house sitting at the famed luxury condos in our city, the ones that really DO have 24 hour power, hot water, western toilets, real heaters, basically it’s an american home…only get this: we’re here at what may be the faciest place to live in all of our city…and yesterday afternoon the power went out and stayed out until abou 5AM this morning! Meanwhile back at our house on the other side of town…the lights are glowing!! I’m not complaining though! The power is on this morning I had a hot shower (which I can do at home, but it’s different here), and I’m doing laundry complete with a dryer! Soon, we have to go to the office/our house, which is good because for some reason we can’t send email from here, only recieve.

And Mom. Please. Stop stalking me. I love you but I hope this explains why I haven’t been able to write or chat this week.  I know we make it sound like paradise here (that’s so noone will worry), but there are times when…. (like right this second here at “fancy luxury condy that always has power…” the power has gone out and so I will have to copy and paste this entire post into Word and save it so that I can finish posting it when the power comes back on) ….times when the stars and moons are just lined up against it. We’re not in kansas anymore, ya know!


6 thoughts on “01.09 | 24 Hour Chaordic

  1. Sorry to hear you’re having such a hard time. Okay, I won’t worry about you anymore. It will be like Joe and Alex. You call or email when you call or email.

  2. Not worried about you guys. But, I do love and miss all 3 of you very much 🙂 No clean clothes? Yikes! Glad you are in a “fancy” condo.

  3. Ummm, so I take it that Bob has never filled you in on the “Meeker Black Cloud”, ahhhhh welcome to the wonderful world of “Meeker”. It’s a lot like living Murphy’s Law, only funnier!!! Love you

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