Lavenderblush Angel

I’ve resorted to using the Title Generator I found at, a link I found from recently. I think some of you might also enjoy the Chocolate Cake Recipes, Frou Frou Drink Recipes, and David Hasselhoff Shrine there. As you like.

So my butt hurts. Because i’m sitting on a dosek on the floor in the living room. We have a couch, but we never sit on it. It’s small for some reason, and if I try to sit on it, inevitably Nila will want to goof around on the floor. it’s just easier to start on the floor. But i’m not sur my bootay can take another four or five months. It might break.

We are going to begin a project building solar water heaters for a village close to our city this month. Kind of cool. huh? Hopefully it’s as easy as it looks. Everything we’ve read says they can be built in a weekend, with hot water by morning. So, here…that probably means it will take two weeks! haha…

Ah…good times…


One thought on “Lavenderblush Angel

  1. Okay, I’ve googled, I’ve, what is a dosek? Is it like a pillow?
    Pretty cool about the solar water heaters. Everyone is going to want one there..

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