12.08 | Beside the warm glow of the propane heater…

Nothing is stirring in our house tonight, not even the cats that live on the unfinished second story. Earlier tonight Robert and our friend Todd completed refurbishing of the shower room in our house so now it’s completely usable. The shower room consists of a large barrel that is tiled into the room, and a shower that hangs above it. There is also a spigot very low to the ground. When we first arrived, we were just filling buckets of water with (cold) water, or heating water on the stove and bathing with that…because though we have a hot water heater, there is not enough pressure to get the hot water all the way to the top of the shower head. But still, we couldn’t figure out what this very large barrel was for. Last week, Todd filled us in. There is a space under the house for a special type of kerosene heater. The shower is to fill the barrel with water, which is then heated by the kerosene heater – and as an added bonus the heater heats not only the water – the tile floor as well! So you draw lots of REALLY hot water from this barrel to bathe with in pitchers, and as that water hits the floor, it creates steam and warms the shower room! It is a totally DIFFERENT way of bathing, really…

So tonight I took my first Kurdish bath/shower after being here for a month. It was kind of fantastic. Ahhh… I didn’t want to leave the shower room! It’s funny that it took us a month to be able to figure out what that barrel was for…and we’d even talked with Todd before about “how” a Kurdish person bathes and he said, “Like this – we sit in a chair and dump buckets of water on ourselves,” so I figured we were doing it the same way they were! It feels so nice to feel hot-water-clean-all-over-at-once for the first time since being here. I even shaved my calves! Madness, I know. I’m sitting here now with some of my hair pinned up in bobby pins – trying to control the crazy curls that result from not being able to blow it dry…

I’m sure that you’re all waiting for me to write about the deep meaningful stuff that is happening here, or to tell you about Nila or more about our daily lives…and maybe I’ll get around to it. But for now – I guess this is what you get! Shower stories! Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “12.08 | Beside the warm glow of the propane heater…

  1. so, does that mean you don’t need this portable shower contraption I have in my car???? Hahahahaha, I’m glad you finally got to shower-I knew I smelled something funny blowing in from the east!!! 🙂
    Love you

  2. Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to Angie Happy birthday to you! Sorry I couldn’t post earlier, my slow connection wouldn’t let me. Love you!

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