12.06 | on christmas in kurdistan

Those who speak kurdish will laugh at this. Everyone else…i guess you can use this post to know that I’m still alive!

[9:13:01 PM] carrie says: i spent christmas there and loved it
[9:13:15 PM] carrie says: it just was so simple and non-commercialized
[9:13:56 PM] i says: oh really? we’re bringing in a santa
[9:14:10 PM] carrie says: ha! a kurdish santa?
[9:14:19 PM] i says: haha i’m kidding
[9:14:30 PM] carrie says: how do you translate ho ho ho?
[9:14:48 PM] i says: xo xo xo
[9:14:53 PM] carrie says: HA HA HA
[9:14:55 PM] carrie says: that was good!

2 thoughts on “12.06 | on christmas in kurdistan

  1. i’m laughing all over again! jen: i love it! we should all get together and speak kurdish to each other 🙂 xa xa xee xee xo xo

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