11.29 | Which one is the kittli again?

Bob made tea last night and used about a cup and a half of tea in the kittli. But I didn’t know that when I opened the kittli and without thinking, started to pour the entire thing down the drain, loose tea and all? I had never opened a kittli before to clean it and was thinking there was only tea water in there. Wet tea everywhere. Ugh. (Only Jen and Stephen will think that’s funny. Oh well). A kittli is the top pot of a double pot tea set. I think. Or maybe that’s the kurri? I don’t remember.

Aunt Kathy, I’ve been emailing or chatting with Mom as much as I’ve had electricity, internet, time and energy (in that order). I don’t know how Bob did it the last two times he was here – he chatted or emailed with me every single day almost for at least an hour. I think he knew that I was high maintanence!

You know, I just realized as I was typing this how tired I am. Nila is sleeping on my chest, Bob is listening to some soft Regina Spektor on the other side of the room, and our fancy new propane heater is softly glowing just close enough to fake like a fireplace. It kind of cozy. We gave Nila a bath before we went into work today (always fun!), and I did some of the dishes from dinner last night (which I finished doing when we got home tonight). Today we went to the visa office to finalize our three month visa (which we’ll get renewed in February). Then back to the office for a few hours. When we got home I was working on those dishes intending to make dinner myself but Nila started crying so Bob and I switched places. I’m sure that’s not very Kurdish – him making dinner – but WE’RE not very Kurdish!

Nila has had gas every morning the past few days which makes waking up a bear. I think it’s because she’s sleeping longer through the night and NOT going to the bathroom! (she wakes up right at the 5AM call to prayer).  I might have to wake her up just to get her to pass gas or go poddy! Could you imagine!? The girl wakes up passing gas and crying about it! (just like someone else I know).

Well, I have one more post to make and then I have to go to bed because I’m kind of falling asleep. I don’t even want to wash my face and brush my teeth and for those who know me – you KNOW how tired I must be! snore…

One thought on “11.29 | Which one is the kittli again?

  1. HI-I’m glad things are going well. I am sending a package on Monday-please tell me what, if anything, you would really like to have. I can’t budget a trip to Walmart however, so the special request will have to wait a bit. Ask Bob, if he would like a jar of Miracle Whip 🙂
    Love and miss you all-

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