11.14 | We have Pampers.

Don’t worry everyone. That’s good news right?! And we have electricity, some heat, waer, (well, we just found out that the city won’t have it for the next five days, but lucky us, we had our tanks filled up completely two days ago! so we’re pretty good to go!), the stove is being fixed, etc, etc, etc…

And, we have Pampers! FREAKING PAMPERS!

One thought on “11.14 | We have Pampers.

  1. Just catching up a bit. Your ring story! Ugh. Our house was burgalarized in Baltimore and they got my engagement and wedding ring. That was awful!!

    I’m SO glad you found it.

    And welcome ‘home’, by the way. I love that the men love Nila. That’s really cool.

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