10.10 | Of Midgets and Toilet Seats

So we made it completely safe, sound, and ofsound mind and good spirits last night around 11PM. All I really have to say right now is that Dubai is CRaSZy! It reminded me of London very much, only its Arabic, except there are no Arabs there, only Indian people and people from the rest of the Eastern world! It was madness! And when we arrived at our hotel you’ll never guess who greeted us!? An Indian midget! No kidding! And the next day, the Indian midget was in the hotel restaurant in white face (only it was grey face because of his skin tone) performing magic tricks! Yeah! And behind us there was a man dressed in brilliant while robes splayed out on pillows playing a sitar. Nila loved that – she fell right to sleep and stayed that way for hours. We ate at two Indian restaurants, both great, but the first better than the second. Bob had watermelon juice – and I had carrots for dessert. Carrots, that’s right…but surprisingly, they were really good! I could write more details (Oh and I will at some point about how we got lost walking around the city at 10 o’clock at night carrying Nila a 10 pound jug of water while searching for a taxi, but who really needs to know that story?)

But we’re here now in our city and things are good! In case you’re wondering – Nila did wonderfully on all of the flights and is right now sleeping. Middle eastern men apparently LOVE babies?! Who knew! They come up to her and fawn all over her! One man even then asked me, “Do you feed her here (motioning to his chest) or here (to his hand and mouth like a bottle)? When I said here (breast), he said, “Oh good! Here is best. Good for you!!” There are signs here in the city that show women breastfeeding, so maybe there is a move on here to have women breastfeed? Who knows…but either way, the men here seem to be up on it! Seriously, I wish I could explain to you the way the men here fall for Nila!

Ok. More soon. We’re good. Love you all!

2 thoughts on “10.10 | Of Midgets and Toilet Seats

  1. Thank you for letting us know you arrived safely. For the last few days I’ve been wondering how your little family was coping. Now, a word of advice for Robert: stay away from the chlorea, the food poisoning, the bugs and spiders ,the unknown people that invade houses, the computer mishaps-ALL mentioned in previous blogs or emails.

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