10.26 | Ring Of Fire

We’re back in Columbus, as you may have read on Bob’s blog. It’s nice to be back but at the same time, California was nice. My mom called while we were there and the first thing she said was, “Have you evacuated yet?” (referring to the massive wildfires in our general area). At the time, the fires weren’t very close, so I told her to “Quit yer worryin’!” The next day she called back and said she saw on CNN that El Cajon (where we were) had been evacuated. That wasn’t true so I told her again to quit worrying. But…

The next day when we got to work, MAYBE…maybe the hill behind the house was on fire!And when I said “behind the house” I mean it was miles away (two mountains away), but we could see totally see it. And MAYBE the area of town where the training house was located was under a voluntary evacuation order. But then, it was rescinded because they got that fire under control and the house where we were wasn’t actually in danger. And maybe the helicopters dumping water on the fires were gathering water from a golf course a street away from our training house and flying over the house. I took pictures of it – I’ll have to have our director email to them to me. Those fires turned typically beautiful and clear, sunny California into a foggy, smoggy, smoky West Virginia looking place…Yeah. Kind of crazy.

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