10.24 | A Can of Worms Indeed

One of our friends in Iraq has posted some of his pictures and i thought you might enjoy them. I’m trying to convince this friend to swap careers and become a photographer.I think you’ll see why. Check it out.


3 thoughts on “10.24 | A Can of Worms Indeed

  1. How do you know this person?
    What is the “buy shoes/save a heart” deal?
    And, I am struck by how beautiful the children are, even if they do pick their nose. Awesome pictures-thanks for sharing.
    Oh, and I know “Billy and Sally” had a baby, but what is the “baby’s” name?
    Love you and can’t wait to see you.

  2. You mean this guy isn’t a professional photographer? I would never have guessed that by looking at his photos.
    I thought Billy and Sally’s baby’s name was “Pickles”

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